A beautiful mind.

Surprised at how deeply I am affected by the deaths of John and Alicia Nash and Anne Meara.  How very, very sad.  Their two sons must be in shock and suffering an enormous loss. Until reading the obit I had no idea that Dr. Nash had a son from a former relationship of.  Each son is named after him. There is a very important lesson here. The Nash’s were retuning from a conference abroad, where Dr. Nash was honored.  I am sure they were exhausted after a long flight home.  One can feel lulled into safety when returning home in a taxi.  But we must all remember seat belts, even when they feel like a nuisance or intrusion.

I remember as a child seeing the comedy duo, Anne Meara and her husband, Jerry Stiller, perform on the Ed Sullivan show.  Most do not know that Ms. Meara coverted to Judaism.  In their early years they portrayed what was so unlikely at the time, a lovely Catholic young woman falling in love with and marrying a Jewish man, who had an appealing personality, but was short and surely not handsome.   I remember one segment that stayed with me:  Jerry Stiller played a salesman in a shoe store, and Anne Meara was a very nervous, self conscious shopper.  She was ashamed to show him that one of her feet was extraordinarily large, much larger than the other.  And then the salesman showed her that he, also, had the same foot challenge.  And there they were, two who felt like outcasts, determined to live a beautiful life together.