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SaraKay publishes regularly for The Huffington Post, Your Tango and The Broad Street Review.
Upcoming Webinar | June 2nd 2015 Facing the Demons Head On: The Impact of Burn-Out in the Life of Every Social Worker, and the Necessity for Our Self Care For information, those interested can call the national headquarters of NASW: 202-408-8600
Are you a social worker?  Have you (or have you not) worried about burn-out and self-care in your profession?  SaraKay might want to interview you for her next book. Learn more about the book, and express your interest in participation.
NEW!  What I Wish I Had Known: Burnout and Self-Care in Our Social Work Profession
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NEW!  Social Work Pride
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NEW!  Abraham Won’t Be Controlled by Unions
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NEW!  The Decline Of Robin Williams And The Dangers Of Burnout
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Talking About Child Sexual Abuse, Why I Believe Dylan Farrow, and What Social Workers Need To Know and Do
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The Use of Social Work Process to Address State Board Challenges
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Don Draper and the New York Mets: 1969, A Year of Miracles
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Understanding Three Types of Marital Relationships
Your Tango
Talking About Child Sexual Abuse, Why I Believe Dylan Farrow, and What Social Workers Need To Know and Do
Found at T
he New Social Worker
Suffer the Children
und at T
he Philadelphia Inquirer (the last letter on the page)
Why We Do It: Reflections from 30 Years in Social Work
und at T
he New Social Worker
Woody Allen's 2014 Win: A Sad Oscar Moment
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'The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants': The Damaging Societal Message Exposed in Dylan Farrow's Brave Stand
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When 'Beasts' Are Out of Their Cages: Why Are Some People So Mean, and How Can I Protect Myself From Them? Found at the Huffington Post
A Prayer for All Cities: About Philadelphia's Election for Mayor Found at the Huffington Post
Life With 'Devourers' and 'Baby/Bullies' -- Your Thoughts Please Found at the Huffington Post
How To End Your Relationships With Negative 'Friends' 
Found at Your Tango
When the Church did something right: A social worker’s story Philadelphia Broad Street Review
SaraKay's article, Addressing the Prevalence of Emotional Abuse with College Age Female Students was published in the NASW's newsletter, Intersections in Practice.
SaraKay's paper, "The Codification and Treatment of Emotional Abuse in Structured Group Psychotherapy" was published by the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy.
An archive of all SaraKay's articles and letters is available
on this site. Link here.
  SaraKay Smullens is a social worker, family therapist, author, wife, mother of four and life-activist. In her commitment as a psychotherapist she is known in this country and abroad for her work in recognizing, addressing and healing what she has called "the invisible and lethal epidemic of emotional abuse."

SaraKay believes it essential that people learn to see the connection between childhood neglect and abuse, which occurs in all societies and in all socioeconomic levels -- very frequently by those the child needs and trusts the most -- and the resulting individual hopelessness, devastation, and rage. In her work she illuminates the impact of abuse, not only on individuals, but on the attitudes and behaviors that destroy marriages, families, friendships, work settings, communities and societies.

In addition to her books, SaraKay's writing focusing on social and political issues, can be found in peer reviewed journals and other professional publications. SaraKay blogs regularly for The Huffington Post, Broad Street Review, and Your Tango and is often interviewed by other writers for background information on related topics they are working on.

SaraKay’s professional papers, documenting a professional life of advocacy and activism, are divided between the Archives of the University of Pennsylvania and Goucher College. Materials relating to her first job after college at the Democratic National Committee, with special assignment to the White House, are divided between the University of Pennsylvania Archives and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

We invite you to read more about the SaraKay's books, or catch up on her latest articles and columns.  You are invited to share your thoughts, and empower yourself with her ideas for living the best life you can. 
SaraKay Smullens
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