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I am so happy to tell you that Arianna Huffington has invited me to be one of the writers on her new adventure, Thrive Global.  We go live on November 20th.


The streets all over the city are crowded with  voters and  canvassers of all ages,  and those helping voters to the polls. Hundreds of volunteer drivers, canvassers, voters on streets all over the city.  No one is more than 5 blocks from a polling place.  Our country has so many caring, involved, loving and devoted citizens. Philadelphians seem calm and very, very hopeful and optimistic. I only experienced one very angry Trump couple, a daughter and her aging father, who cornered me in a large building in center city.  He told me that Trump was now picking his cabinet. She voiced hatred I will not quote.  I said we were so lucky to live in a country where we could say and vote what we believed. 

On The Eve of the 2016 Presidential Election

Meeting wonderful Philadelphians as we canvas in several areas. So very uplifting.  Here's to sanity and hope tomorrow and safety and hope on Wednesday and following. 

The Artificial Pancreas

Dear family, friends, colleagues, and those important in my life and work,

I would like to share news that makes my family very grateful.  The news is a gift and blessing for so many, many people throughout this country and beyond…….

"I want to share this moving post, written by my daughter. Charlotte Rose was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was 6 and a half years old and testified when she was 9.  Note the man directly behind her. He begins weeping as she describes what it is like to live with type one diabetes. " -Elisabeth LaMotte

Today the FDA finally approved the artificial pancreas! This will change and save many lives. After years of advocacy, fundraising and waiting, it is hard to believe this exciting news. Charlotte Rose LaMotte you worked so hard to help make this happen. We are so proud of you!

 #T1D #ArtificialPancreas #JDRF

The Defeat of Joe Sestak: A Matter of Hubris

Supporters of Joe Sestak blame President Obama and progressive John Fetterman for his defeat.  Sestak’s defeat was of his own making.  Fetterman showed himself to be a progressive, and a person of character.  Sestak did not.  It took years for Vice President Biden, with the support of President Obama, to convince Arlen Specter, surely one of our state’s most successful and devoted senators, to return to his Democratic roots.  Sestak, a former Navy admiral and congressman, disregarded President Obama’s urgent 2010 request to wait his turn and not oppose Specter, whose cancer was in remission.  Sestak defeated Sen. Arlen Specter in a primary, but lost the general election to Republican Pat Toomey.  (Smart money said Specter would once again defeat Toomey.)  During this ordeal, Specter’s cancer returned; and after another valiant struggle, he died on October 14, 2012.  Through Sestak’s decision, two seats were lost.  Why should the President and his Party have rewarded this display of hubris?  



You may have read that the NBC/Wall Street Journal pollster, Peter Hart, has written that Hillary’s challenge is “a glass curtain” — explaining that women do not identify with her.

With this in mind, on December 18th, 2015, I sent friends the following  “poetry.”  The three vacancies on our highest court that our next President will fill are crucial for a stable future! 


Overcome polls that women can’t identify
With Hillary Rodham Clinton: We’ll tell you why!

The reported “glass curtain” has no voting basis
In selecting HRC there are only pure aces

You don’t have to like this thoroughbred winner
Or invite her to breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner

What’s important are talent and skill — part of her magic
To overlook this would be simply tragic

With experience, genius, and savvy profound
There’s no wiser choice to hit campaign ground

Plus Up there in urgency in this complex drama
Of her three Supreme Court choices

I can hear the glass shattering!

Perhaps you read my recent Huffington Post piece re Hillary’s “glass wall.” According to recent polls taken by NBC/Wall Street Journal pollster, Peter Hart, what stands in Hillary’s way to becoming our next President is not the “glass ceiling” she has spoken of.  Instead, it is what Hart describes as a “glass curtain” surrounding her. To put it plainly, according to this poll, women do not identify with her.

Well, Hillary’s few moments delay returning to the podium after a break at the Democratic debates this evening will surely help crash this curtain. Every woman alive can identify getting someplace a few minutes late because she waited her turn for a bathroom (yes, surely Hillary had her own, but still) —- or taking a bit longer than anticipated once getting there.  And then there was her just right, no big deal, courteous apology, “Sorry.”

Re her closure: what woman does not hope for support from 'the force' for all she loves, and what woman does not understand the importance of a sense of humor in family life.

I can hear the glass shattering!


Those who have attacked innocents in Paris are beyond flawed. It is inconceivable that there are human beings without one shred of mercy or compassion for the innocent. These actions are beyond an act of war. The people attacked were not the military. Theirs was a massacre of innocents.


I just learned that this sentence from my paper, “What I Wish I Had Known” is on the New Social Worker Facebook page: “My life and work have taught me that the strongest lesson in avoiding burnout through self-care is to accept that we are human, and in that we are each limited and—yes—flawed."