A Dangerous Grasp

I had an experience today that is related to the film "45 Years." One of the reasons I value this film so much is that its genius is based on the importance of "an examined life." Every civilized society discovers this importance, but facing it in one's own life can be very disruptive and painful, and takes a great deal of courage. Without revealing plot, the film's end is both stunning and startling because it is based on a sudden awareness -- putting together truths that previously had been blinded by love and devotion. Today a good friend visited me out of the blue, and here is what she said: "As you well know, I have been the loyalist possible supporter of Donald Trump for many reasons, but finally today I was able to face what this man is doing to our country, to our allies, to our world. I finally see the danger of his selfish, grandiose, and impulsive leadership, and that the office he holds must be removed from his dangerous grasp."