Faulty Process and Disappointing Leadership of Philadelphia’s Newly Elected DA, Larry Krasner

Philly citizens, who pay Krasner's salary, have not received an official list of who received this belated holiday offering. What we do know, however, is that among them were civil servants who had served their city for 5, 10, 25, 30, or more years -- many too young to retire or too old to be hired again. We also know there were no counselors present to help those forced to resign deal with this blow and plan for their futures in the best possible ways.
This, of course, is not to dispute the right of DA Krasner to pick his own team. But compassion, process, and mature leadership were surely missing in our new DAs actions. Weren't public servants, regardless of philosophies that may have differed from Krasner, entitled to a salary for a limited period while they looked for work, received necessary counseling about their future, and provided health care for themselves and their families. Shouldn't the city that employed them guarantee this? Shouldn't the DA have been brave enough to do his own firing and courteous enough to meet with each whose lives have been disrupted?
Re picking one's own team, here's how I remember our former mayor, Ed Rendell picking his team when DA. He asked all to submit a resignation and then to reapply. If memory serves me correctly, few were not rehired. (I telephoned Ed for confirmation of this, but my call was not returned.)
Re DA Lynne Abraham's way, she did respond to my call, and explained, "I thought it best to find out who was working hard and in the interest of the justice system. I watched, listened, and made decisions over an extensive period of time in consultation with top members of my office. This way I calmed fears; people went about the business of the office; and no one felt his head was on the chopping block. We routinely gave people not well suited to their role time to look for a job while employed and able to pay their rent, feed their families, and maintain their dignity. It was important to show this respect in light of services rendered to the city as they transitioned to their next position."
Surely, DA Seth Williams was a disgrace to his office and our city. However, is the secrecy and lack of planning and compassion we have just witnessed by DA Krasner a foreshadowing of what is to come? Let's hope not. Scratch that: Let's pray not. For the last thing Philadelphia needs is another member of the "best and brightest" who will take a city that desperately needs union and healing from the frying pan to the fire.