New book available this summer.

I am thrilled to have written an upcoming book on burnout and self-care that will be available this summer. This is a subject I care deeply about, as burnout can impact severely on all of us, whatever our work, inside or outside of our home.

And I am thrilled to be beginning a new website where for the first time I will be offering thoughts, not blogs or articles……just thoughts.

I want to start by telling you that although I am excited about an upcoming webinar on the subject of my book, which is taking place soon, on June 2nd, this is  my first webinar.  I will be talking to a blank screen (my computer) for 90 minutes.  I am not nervous about speaking to people, or teaching, but I will not be able to see those who signed up for the webinar. I was going to tape photos on my screen, but then I will not see my slides.  So I plan to put photos around me, and this way it will feel like I really am talking to people…..